Developing proactive internal and external communications strategies is paramount in retaining top talent in today's competitive climate. It is critical that your employees feel connected to your organization and that they receive valuable information that reinforces your company's employment brand.

In order to capture the attention of a wide range of employee groups, it is important to adopt a marketing mindset when crafting employee communications. The goal is to create a platform where employees not only want, but feel they need, to pay attention to the messages being delivered. In order to successfully influence the attitudes of your employees, you must treat employees as consumers. It is also important to utilize a multitude of methods and modes of delivery in order to be effective. All internal communications efforts must also be fully integrated with external strategies in order to ensure consistent messaging. By assuming a consumer driven approach, messages can be tailored to meet the specific needs of certain employee populations. It is also important to consider both the level and type of information that your employees need to receive. For example, employees that are approaching retirement age may need to receive more detailed information pertaining to the pension or 401(k) plans. Rather than circulating the same information to everyone, a demographically targeted communications piece would have much more impact. You also should examine how you can leverage technology to better dissect your various employee populations. This would enable you to generate communications pieces that create a more personal message, thus increasing morale and employee satisfaction.

It is also important to consider the methods of communications that you utilize. Technology has spawned a number of new ways that will help you to connect with your audience more effectively. Podcasts are becoming a popular vehicle used to disseminate quick information or company announcements. The on-demand, flexible nature of podcasts allows employees to receive information when and where they want, thereby increasing overall efficiency. Data-share programs are also a great way to allow employees in various locations to actively participate in meetings and seminars. A popular strategy in employee benefits communications is the creation of on-demand, interactive websites that provide employees with the ability to conduct real-time modeling of various scenarios based on projected changes in compensation and/or other life events.

With today's increasing war for talent, paying attention to how you communicate, and what you communicate, to your various employee populations can create a critical strategic advantage. For more information on how we can help you develop an effective employee communications strategy, please contact us.